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The tall building with the BCCC logo is the South Building.  As you face that building, you will see a separate building to its left, across a small plaza.  That is the North Building.

Most of the Ancestry Fair activities will take place in the North Building.  When you first arrive, you should enter the North Building (top left diagram) at the Main Entrance and proceed down the hall to the check-in tables.  The Keynote Address and the Track A Lectures will be prsented in the Great Room (rooms 119, 120 and 121) on the left side of the hall.  This room is on the First Floor of the North Building.

The Exhibitors will be in the North Building, but on the Ground Floor (bottom diagram), which is actually underground, one level below the First Floor.  You can use the elevator near the front entrance, or take the stairs at the end of the hall, to go one level down to the Ground level.  The Exhibitor tables will be in the lounge area at the front of the Ground level, under the plaza.  The cafe, where you can pick up pre-paid lunches or purchase food, is also located in that area.

The classroom for the Track B lectures, Room 011, is also at the Ground level of the North Building, behind the Library.  To get to it from the Exhibitor area, walk through the Library (the glassed-in area) to the left and enter the classroom.

 The Track C lectures will be held in room 156 on the First Floor of the South Building (top right diagram).  You can get there from the North Building by either exiting from the main entrance of the North Building and walking across the plaza to the South Building entrance, or by taking the stairs or elevator up one level from the Exhibitor area, past the library and cafe.  The Track C classroom, room 156, is down the hall on the left, past the rest rooms on the right.